medix3 Staffing

medix3 members are eligible for clinical work opportunities through our sister staffing company Clinical Providers Staffing ( medix3 members will be notified of any new contract or job opportunities. Our medical gap staffing service is expanding rapidly and typically pays a hourly premium compared to going per diem rates. You can work as little as three shifts per month or full-time with us as an independent contractor.

medix3 Assured

medix3 members have access to a comprehensive certification and licensure management service at no cost. After an initial 15-minute set-up, the service driven from an automated propriety software, will provide guaranteed notifications when licensure and certifications need to be renewed. Summary status emails also provide assurance that all of your regulatory requirements are up-to-date.

medix3 Lifestyle

medix3 has partnered with Tickets at Work ( and AMEX Travel Services to offer discounts on travel, hotels, and car rentals with full service agency service. Get your tickets to theme parks, popular shows, movies, sporting events, concerts, zoos, and shopping. medix3 is also excited to offer free membership to the GlobalFit Gym Network 360 ( program which is a wellness network that focuses on 5 key components:  Exercise, Eating, Energize, Explore and Education. Access to all lifestyle discounts are free for medix3 members network.


medix3 Insurance

medix3 members who work through our sister staffing corporation Clinical Providers Staffing are eligible to participate in our corporate malpractice insurance policy with an A++ rated nationwide carrier for all of their clinical practice activities. We also offer a unique insurance benefit with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, an easy-to-understand pet insurance plan that reimburses up to 90% of vet bills for accidents, injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care for dogs and cats. The plan has no caps on payouts for covered conditions and no per incident caps, no annual caps and no lifetime caps on payouts.

medix3 Education

medix3 offers free educational activities for healthcare providers which typically cost hundreds of dollars if obtained through other providers. These activities include but are not limited to BLS and ACLS certification as well as PALS certification. These online only courses are accepted by most healthcare institutions in lieu of in-person alternative programs. We also offer point-of-care ultrasound courses (POCUS) and LLSA programs in Emergency Medicine as well as selected in-person training programs for members to register and attend.

Market Research Surveys

Curizon is an online research community of Physicians and Healthcare Professionals.   Through Curizon you can let your expertise play a role in influencing the development of medical breakthroughs, new drugs, healthcare facilities, new treatment methods, and much more. Curizon understands that your expert opinion is one of the driving forces behind the advancement of medical care and pharmaceuticals and in lieu of your participation they will compensate with an appropriate honorarium.